why film? - KatieLeona Photography

Film...where do I start?!

My love of film started a little over 4 years ago while working on my thesis project. At the time I was using digital but was struggling to control my concept and theme. A professor suggested I step away from digital and try film instead. He said if nothing else, it would be an excellent learning experience. But it ended up being SO much more than that for me.

It slowed me down, it pushed me technically and creatively, it gave me a connection to my medium that I had not felt before with digital. The look and feel of a film photograph has an aesthetic that in my opinion just does not compare to anything digital. It is  timeless, airy and light and has almost a 3D quality to it that I just love. That, in a nutshell, is why I shoot and LOVE film! And I absolutely love talking about film so throw me any questions you have! 

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